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Dentrix G5 and Windows 8

This is an informative Blog for dentist on how they can better use their technology. This is going to be a weekly blog in which we will be giving tips, information and opinions about current dental technologies and software. This is blog is meant to be interactive so we will be looking forward to your comments and questions on a weekly basis to help improve content and get you the user featured in our blog. Today we are going to start with Windows 8 and what you need to do to make sure that Dentrix G5 runs properly on the machines you may have purchased or upgraded. We also would like you to post your questions and you maybe featured on next weeks blog as the question of the week. Now here is the information that you may not know on making sure Dentrix G5 runs properly on your Windows 8 machines.

The Dentrix site has released the DTX G5 Hotfix 2 for download. You have to install this before you install the Dentrix G5 Productivity Pack 1. By moving to the Productivity pack 1 you will get the latest features some of which are the new claim form for ADA dental diagnostic codes and improve security for the Dentrix database.


Was this tip helpful? Has anyone else run into any issues with Windows 8? Does anyone have any other questions? you could be featured as the question of the week