Easy like a teeth cleaning

The last few weeks we have been highlighting some cloud dental software that can help business that don’t have tons of money to spend on IT but want a strong solution to their dental practice management needs.  The first onsite product I would like to show you today is Easy Dental.  Easy Dental is a practice management software can help you schedule appointments faster, record treatment plans easier, manage insurance tasks and simplify billing like never before.  This software is designed with the whole team in mind, from the receptionist, office manager, all they to the dentist  Easy Dental is just simply put easy to use.  Some of the new additions to make this software so easy to use is Perio Charting, Clinical Charting, advanced scheduling and easier patient billing.  Want to know more?  Please click here to view demos on these features.  Now unfortunately the pricing on this software may vary depending on the practice and so I can’t give you an information on pricing but here is a link to the information needed to get you a quote on this software.  With Easy Dental this will streamline your dental processes and make your entire staff more productive.