Dental SEO: Ways to get better traffic on Google

We all have special terms for things in every industry and there are times when two industries meet and one industry may not have any clue on how the other industry truly works and that is when you hire professionals that deal with that industry.  One industry that can be difficult to understand is internet marketing and not many dentists have time to truly learn and understand what goes into it.  One of the biggest ways to get noticed by the public is to do what is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  Back before the internet existed we would use a phone book but now when we need to find something we Google it.  So it is vital that everyone has a presence on Google but with so many companies out there doing the same things how can you make it to page 1?  It Is not easy but there are formulas out there and if you spend enough money you can make it to page one.  In this article we are going to give you some tips to help you with SEO and if you are interested we also offer SEO services to help your business be number 1 on Google.

There are a few tips we can give and one of them is what you are reading right now and come weekly to read and it is this blog.  Google loves content updates and changes and one of the best ways to update content on your site without having to change the core of your website is of course a blog.  Blogs are a great way to get people to your site to read about new and changing information in your industry.  By getting people read your blog and even interact with it, you can make a big impression on Google.  By adding social networks to your blog such as Facebook and Twitter you are spreading your internet presences and the bigger the presence the more likely Google will take notice.

Another step is to have a Google’s place page.  This will help Google find you better and will also put you in play in Google maps that will give a potential customer more information on your company and people can also review you which will help your practice if you are very good at what you do.  There are many ways to get good reviews on Google.  It can be as simple as asking for an email address and sending clients an email asking how the service was and seeing if they will put up a review for you.  Obviously by doing this you can control who gets the emails by basing it on the mood of the clients when they leave.  You can also set up an account with a company like survey monkey for those who may not have a user account but may want to add input to make your practice better.  By having these two options you are giving the patients options and makes them feel important and also doesn’t look like all you are doing is fishing for Google reviews.

A third thing you can do is make sure you have a presence on Facebook and Twitter.  It is free and easy to make a Facebook and Twitter account.  Social networking is a key component to your online presence and by having these accounts you are giving yourself a well need presence in this online world.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to make your practice more visible online and please if you have any comments or questions feel free to post them here or contact us as we are taking on new SEO clients.