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Dental IT Services

Got a problem? We can solve it!

Stratosphere Technologies® is here to help you with all of your dental it support needs. Whether it be your internet connection is down and you need it back up right away, or you need a new office set up. Stratosphere Technologies will get out to you FAST! We understand that in business, time is money, and we value your time.



Practice Management Software

Keeping an office running smoothly takes experience, people skills, and the right software to keep everything organized. We can help you find the right program for your practice.


Digital Imaging Software


Crisp, clean images can make all the difference when determining treatment options for patients. We can help you find the right software to make diagnosis fast and easy.


Digital X-Ray Sensors


Getting great images starts with using great equipment. We can help you choose from a wide array of X-Ray sensors that provide clear images, help minimize patient discomfort, and last for years.