Cloud Focus: CareCloud

This week in the cloud focus we are looking at yet another option for cloud practice management software.  CareCloud is another great software that can be used for a company that is not looking to spend thousands up front.  They have multiple monthly options available for you to choose from and they also have an encounter base pricing program so you only pay for what your practice does on a daily basis.  Although there are still minimums for what CareCloud calls encounters.  Although this program does offer massive flexibility based on what your practice management needs are and don’t force you to have everything.  If you would like to see the pricing structure please click here.  CareCloud makes patient scheduling simpler makes your productivity streamed lined and more efficient and also can give you better medical billing options.  There are plenty of advantages of using CareCloud, from having modern technology that grows with you and the design is so easy and simple that it helps you work faster and smarter.  This just another great cloud based software that you can choose from and with so many on the market it is nice to see what we think would be good for you.