3D Printing in for Dental Practices

3D seems to be the most up and coming technology. From 3D movies to 3D printing, this type of technology is really becoming common place. Well it looks as if 3D is coming to Dentistry in a very big way. The 3D printing aspect where the rubber meets the road for dentistry. The process makes it comfortable for the patient as now you don’t have to bite down on the clay for a mold but with the 3D printing and scanning removes all of that for the patient This also makes the process faster and easier. The types of plastic used include a polyamide and polyester. A company called Statasys has created a launch of Objet30 and OrthoDesk 3D printer for designed for smaller orthodontic labs and clinics. Also in 2011 Startasys also acquired Objet and Solidscape, which is a manufacturer of high precision 3D printers which is actually used for casting applications that require ultra-fine feature detail. The printers targets medium-sized dental laboratories and is used to create very high quality pressable and castable dental restorations.

At EnvisionTEC they showed 3Dent which is a printer that has a build envelope of 279 x 184 x 76mm and has a resolution of 25 microns for printing models. This printer uses a process called Selective Contour Photo curing or SCP to compete with other models. Want to know more about 3D printing and how it can help your dental business grow? Click here to learn more about 3Dent. Or would you like to know more about Objet30 and the OrthoDesk 3D? If so please feel free to click here.